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Jon Gillardi
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Jon Gillardi was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and has more than 30+ years of experience in high-end financial sales and the network marketing industry. Starting in network marketing at the age of 19, Jon is a top industry earner and has built organizations of 500,000+ people in more than 70 countries that are responsible for over $100's of million in sales.

A sought-after speaker, trainer, consultant and now author, Jon has been a company owner, top distributor and consultant for many large
companies. Jon is also a sought-after guest and has appeared on many daytime television talk shows, such as Geraldo and Gordon Elliot, as well as hundreds of weekly radio shows and has been featured in People magazine due to his losing over 500 pounds. At one time Jon weighed a massive 652 pounds at only 5’6” tall and had an 88-inch waist. Jon was also the national spokesperson for stomach stapling/gastric bypass in the late 1990s. Prior to his now many years of successful marketing
experience, Jon was at 20 the youngest sales manager in the history of The Prudential, a 100-year old, Fortune 100 financial firm—a record that still stands today and Awarded to him in many years ago in Fort
Lauderdale, FL at Prudential’s Leadership event.

This dynamic speaker has been passionate about helping people since the 1980s when he was in his teens. Now, by combining his world-class skills and success in social media as well as sales, Internet marketing, coaching and leadership training, he can provide mentoring, national broadcasts, events, tools, training, consulting and leadership to entire companies and network marketing organizations to bring them success.

“I Mastered Failure But Look At Me Now” Feature Co-Authors
-Johnny Wimbrey (From the HOOD to Doing Good), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for The Soul), Jim Rohn and a Forward by Les Brown.

What Are Others Saying About
"Jon Gillardi - I Mastered Failure But Look At Me Now"

"Jon is an amazing man with a story to tell that will touch your heart. He has overcome adversity is so many different areas of his life. It would have been easy for him to have given up and stayed down, but his constant refusal to stay down has catapulted him into a league of success all of his own."

Johnny Wimbrey - Motivational speaker and best-selling author of the best-selling book "From the HOOD to Doing Good"
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Here is EXACTLY What Is Included
Table of Contents

  • 1. Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future! - Johnny Wimbrey
  • 2. He Lost It All to Lose It All 
- Jonathan Gillardi
  • 3. The Only Way Through Is Through - Jordan Varley
  • 4. An Interview with Jack Canfield - Jack Canfield
  • 5. Spectators 
- Matt Matthews
  • 6. Survival of the Fittest 
- Mattie Meacham

    7. Personal Development 101 
- CJ Peterson

    8. No Pain, No Gain 
- Carlos Rogers
    9. The Statue Within 
- Linda Nesberg

    10. I Qualify Myself 
- Shelley Blanzy

    11. A Hard Life 
- Ajayé Carter

    12. Destined for Success 
- Margarita Kilili

    13. The Journey 
- James Lee

    14. Ultimate Living through Sacrificial Giving - Lauren Escobar-Haskins

    15. My Life Story: Strong, Confident and Persistent  - Shan McLendon

    16. Conquering the Cycle of Abuse 
- Esther Fontaine

    17. Stepping Out on Faith 
- Michael Parker

    18. A Recipe for Happiness - Diane Popowich

    19. Defining Moments 
- Jim Rohn

    20. An Ordinary Guy with a Strong Enough Why 
- Oz Koren

    In all 20 Amazing Authors

    Including Some of The All-Time Legends of Our Time

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